5 Podcasts For the Budding Entrepreneur

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Being an eCommerce entrepreneur can be tough work, so we are always looking for advice and inspiration from other people who are on the same journey. Here are our top 5 podcasts:


eCommerceFuel is new to the Podcasting world, but host Andrew Youderian has already made a name for himself as an eCommerce expert. Focused on providing tips and strategies to help six and seven figure online store owners to take their business to the next level, this podcast is for the big money makers. That’s not to say that you won’t benefit if you’re not quite there yet as there are useful tips for everyone, but this is definitely the podcast for you if you’re reaching for the big bucks!


My Wife Quit Her Job

A true success story – My Wife Quit Her Job is hosted by Steve Chou, whose wife – as the name suggests – quit her job so that together they could start their own online business. Their store managed to replace his wife’s salary of $100K in just one year, and Steve has made a huge name for himself in the Podcasting world. He now shares his expert knowledge and experiences on how to build and maintain a profitable online store. This podcast is the perfect dose of inspiration for those entrepreneurs who have a family AND a business to run!


eCommerce Pulse

eCommerce Pulse is a podcast and website run by Leighton Taylor, an eCommerce entrepreneur and web designer. What we love about this podcast is that as well as sharing his own experiences, Leighton regularly brings in industry experts to discuss niche topics, so you know you’re listening to the best in the business. He keeps things practical and easy to follow so this is a great starting point for new entrepreneurs.


 Build My Online Store

The name says it all. Build My Online Store is one of the longest running Podcasts on iTunes and is now nearing its 200th episode. It’s hosted by Terry Lin and Travis Martin, who both run their own online businesses and discuss their successes and challenges. Build My Online Store focuses on the nuts and bolts of building and maintaining an online store and explores the nooks and crannies of what it takes to build your presence in eCommerce. Whatever advice you’re looking for, you will probably be able to find it here.

The Fizzle Show

Hosted by 4 entrepreneurs who have all come together to share their experiences and stories, Fizzle is the handbook for creative entrepreneurs and business owners. As a company that started with one man and his camera, we really resonate with the message of this podcast and have pegged it as a personal favourite of ours! The set of 4 are passionate about using their own entrepreneurial experiences to give step-by-step advice to other business owners who want to make a living from doing what they love.

esgadmin5 Podcasts For the Budding Entrepreneur