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What does AI mean for the future of eCommerce?

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By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed entirely by artificle intelligence. Recent advancements in AI have evolved the way that online retailers can collect data and, most importantly, how quickly they’re able to respond. Whilst the use of AI in eCommerce is not new, we’ve barely scratched the …

esgadminWhat does AI mean for the future of eCommerce?
jingle bells

Jingle Bells, Facebook Sells

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Capturing your audience on Facebook is a great way to boost your online sales over the holiday season. Your customers are primed for buying and are ready to splash some cash. Here’s 3 last minute tips on how you can optimize your Facebook advertising and reach your customers before the …

esgadminJingle Bells, Facebook Sells

Who won the battle of the 2016 Christmas Ads?

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Around this time every year, retailers around the world apply their war paint and prepare themselves for the annual battle of the Christmas Adverts in an attempt to win the hearts (and wallets) of the nation. Now, being experts in eCommerce and all, we’re obviously kind of biased, but this …

esgadminWho won the battle of the 2016 Christmas Ads?

5 Podcasts For the Budding Entrepreneur

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Being an eCommerce entrepreneur can be tough work, so we are always looking for advice and inspiration from other people who are on the same journey. Here are our top 5 podcasts:   eCommerceFuel eCommerceFuel is new to the Podcasting world, but host Andrew Youderian has already made a name …

esgadmin5 Podcasts For the Budding Entrepreneur
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Black Friday – Clicks, not bricks.

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The phrase “Black Friday” spirals consumers across the world into a manic state of excitement. The prospect of a bargain sends hundreds and thousands of shoppers to queue outside stores in the early hours of the morning ready to tackle the sales (and anybody who might get in their way) …

esgadminBlack Friday – Clicks, not bricks.

It’s closing time for Black Friday

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Originating in the US, Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving when hundreds and thousands of turkey-stuffed shoppers flock to stores across the country and fight – often quite literally – for the holiday seasons’ biggest discounts and bargains. In recent years, the phenomenon has spread on an international scale, …

esgadminIt’s closing time for Black Friday

A reminder about Declared Values

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*This post is intended for our existing clients* With a recent tightening of rules from some of our courier partners about the consequences of incorrectly declaring the value of goods in a shipment, we want to ensure that you have the right information to hand when preparing your orders. In …

esgadminA reminder about Declared Values
ESG Delivery Methods

How to choose your delivery method?

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If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re not sure what’s the best way to deliver your products to backers. After the ups and downs of the month-long crowdfunding Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign, a well thought out logistics strategy is a critical final step to your campaign. Messing up on shipping will …

esgadminHow to choose your delivery method?
Top 5 tips for easier crowdfunding

Top 5 Tips For Easier Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to raise funds for a product, but at the end of the campaign, the people who have supported you with their cash will expect an actual product in return, and quickly too. Having worked with a number of our partners on their Crowdfunding projects, here …

esgadminTop 5 Tips For Easier Crowdfunding
ESG Crowdfunding Fulfilment Guide

Crowdfunding Fulfilment Guide

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10 questions that could make the difference between making and losing money on shipping You’re nearly there, after months of planning your Crowdfunding campaign: Campaign video demonstrating how your product can change your life – tick. Campaign page with kick-ass graphics and gifs that show your product in the best …

esgadminCrowdfunding Fulfilment Guide