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Common challenges of expanding sales globally

There are a number of hurdles all eCommerce businesses must overcome in order to achieve profitability on a global scale. Some common challenges faced by our clients include

  • lack of brand recognition
  • lack of language and cultural knowledge of the target market
  • lack of a professional team to handle overseas sales
  • missing international payment options
  • expensive and complex shipping & duties

How we can help

Use Expander to realise the benefits of cross-border eCommerce.  Sell directly to consumers in regions, languages and currencies you don’t currently support, and leave to us the full management of your online store with an end-to-end professional service. Expander provides a fully localised online buying experience to maximise conversions in your target markets, ensuring that everyone who visits your website to buy your product, no matter where they are, is able to do just that.

How Expander works


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Expander removes barriers to cross-border eCommerce

A simple plug’n’play solution enabling every visitor to your website to buy from you in their own language and currency, using local payment options. Seamless integration with your existing eCommerce platform sends customers through to a dedicated checkout page powered by E-Services Group. We take care of payment and order processing, fraud screening, pick pack and dispatch, shipping, customer service and returns.

Expander for Resellers

Do you find yourself spending a great amount of time servicing lots of small wholesalers? If you would prefer to spend that time and energy focusing on developing relationships with larger wholesalers and distributors, then Expander Reseller can help.

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