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Introducing Product Marketing

Successfully marketing a product for an International audience means taking 3 important factors into account:

1. What products are being offered

2. Who is the target audience

3. How does your product stand out from competitor products or services

To help you answer these crucial questions, we have designed a customized set of solutions based on our knowledge and experience with audiences from around the world.


Why Product Marketing can help you drive sales

Our Product Marketing portfolio includes a range of services which will help you develop your brand and package your product to appeal to local audiences. Our team consists of native language speakers with experience in writing creative and targeted content.

Product Marketing services include:

  • Packaging descriptions and manual writing
    Written by native speakers, designed to ensure readability and appeal to local audiences
  • Product descriptions
    Customers need to understand why your product is amazing before they decide to buy. We can help you write creative and detailed descriptions to help you grab your customers’ attention
  • Marketplace Listing
    Adapt your product descriptions to fit the requirements of international Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Rakuten. We know how to optimize your descriptions to improve your search ranking
  • 360° Images and Video
    High resolution images or video to showcase your product in web listings
  • Brand Identity
    Branding is everything. We can help develop your brand identity to ensure it’s appropriate for an international audience
  • Product Review Videos
    Whether its a short animation or using actors and venues, we can help you script and shoot videos to tell your audience why your product is the best out there
  • Online Advertising Banners
    Our professional design team can help you create a suite of banners to promote your product online, designed with local audience in mind
  • Product Reviews
    Boost product sales in Marketplaces and create SEO links through native language reviews
  • Website: Information Only
    Customers will research your brand and product before making purcahse decisions. Let us help you design and develop a locally adapted website that you can call your own
  • Website: Transactional
    If you need more than a visual platform, we can create a fully functional webstore to sell direct to audience around the world
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