Dispatcher for Crowdfunding


A crowdfunding fulfilment solution designed to help campaigners get their products to their backers around the world as quickly, safely and cost efficiently as possible.



We’re the leading providers of crowdfunding fulfilment solutions in Hong Kong, and we’re proud to say we’ve worked with some of the biggest and most successful crowdfunding campaigners in the industry.

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The biggest mistake that crowd funders make when choosing their fulfilment partner is leaving it to the end of their campaign. By this point, you’ve already committed to rates and charges that have a profound impact on the cost and efficiency of your logistics plan. We encourage crowd funders to contact us during the early stages of their campaign so that we can advise on realistic logistics costs and help you manage your budget accordingly.

✓ Calculate realistic shipping costs for multiple markets

✓ Determine manageable delivery timelines based on product manufacturing progress

✓ Establish cost projection for a functional international returns services

✓ Adapt rates to accommodate for taxes and duties charges


We know how important it is for crowd funders to keep their overheads to a minimum, so we’ve streamlined our crowdfunding fulfilment services to provide the most cost efficient solutions.

Shipping & Operations: Our partnerships with the biggest courier companies and our large shipping volumes enable us to offer the lowest shipping rates and operational costs in the industry.


Packaging Optimisation: We advise on how to minimise packaging costs without compromising on your product safety.



Cross-border eCommerce comes with a myriad of taxes and duties that differ from country to country. Navigating your way through these complexities is time-consuming, and, if not done correctly, often leads to nasty surprises when your orders reach the border. Our team of logistics experts continuously monitor country-specific taxes and duties regulations to optimise our clients’ cross-border fee payment, reduce the possibility unexpected border charges and build a sustainable, cost-efficient logistics plan.


Our extensive network of global warehouses provides us with a high fulfilment capacity which our crowdfunding clients are the direct beneficiaries of. It’s no secret that crowd funders are often faced with production delays that seriously delay their ability to get products to their Backers by their target date. To mitigate the effects of such delays, we utilise our extensive network of global warehouses to accommodate for high-volume orders in short time frames.



We understand that crowd funders receive a fluctuating volume of orders from their backers’, so we offer flexible warehouse storage fees that fluctuate to meet the needs of our crowdfunding clients. We work with our clients to determine the most appropriate storage facility based on the location of their manufacturers and the final destination of their products.


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