We have warehousing facilities located all around the world to deliver a truly global and expertly localised warehousing service.


Time and cost efficiency is at the heart of our warehousing solutions. With a network of warehousing facilities located in the world’s biggest eCommerce hubs, we’re able to deliver local fulfilment options that reduce the cost and time it takes to fulfil cross-border orders. Our local solutions are designed to optimise cross-border fees, quicken the last mile delivery process and most importantly, keep your customers happy.

Our warehouse management system, Dispatcher Management, is fully integrated with the biggest eCommerce platforms to deliver a seamless order management, processing, and shipping service. Through Dispatcher Management, our clients are able to manage and track their inventory across each of our warehousing facilities.

Product safety and inventory security is key to efficient warehousing. Each of our warehousing facilities is equipped with state of the art security and meet exceptionally high sanitary and safety standards to ensure that your products reach your customers in pristine condition.

Our warehouse design, technology support, and performance driven staff are all carefully selected to deliver the most cost and time efficient pick & pack service.

We provide the most cost and time-efficient shipping options based on the location of your customers. Simply tell us where your products are coming from and where they’re going to, and our logistics experts will design a warehousing and shipping route that ensures your goods are in your customers’ hands as quickly as possible, for as little as possible.

Our warehousing technology and web-based inventory management system provides real-time tracking of your orders status’ in the fulfilment process.





  1. Australia

  2. Canada

  3. China

  4. Germany

  5. Hong Kong

  6. Japan

  7. Spain

  8. UK

  9. United States (East Coast)

  10. United States (West Coast)

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163000Square Metres
244500Daily Order Capacity